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Expanded Storage and Fast Data Transfer Speeds.

Transcend® ExternalHard Disk
Transcend® HDD Rugged durability doesn't always have to come at the expense of style. The StoreJet 25A3 offers an impressive level of anti-shock protection without sacrificing its slender good looks. This feature-packed drive is equipped with a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface, a convenient auto-backup button and up to a full terabyte of storage capacity.

Sandisk micro_SD

StoreJet 25A3 (USB 3.0)

StoreJet 25A2 (USB 2.0)

StoreJet 25D3 (USB 3.0)

StoreJet 25D2 (USB 2.0)

StoreJet 2.5 SATA (USB 2.0)

StoreJet 25M3 (USB 3.0)

StoreJet 25M2 (USB 2.0)

StoreJet 25H3P (USB 3.0)

StoreJet 25H2P (USB 2.0)
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